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Jess Clifford Speaker, Trainer, Phycology-based Marketing Coach

“I have had the privilege of working with Leslie as both a personal coach and a business associate for 2 years. Her skill and talent in quickly and playfully guiding those she works with to huge and life changing personal discoveries is only equaled by her genuine commitment to seeing everyone reach their full potential, especially youth.  Working with Leslie to make miraculous and permanent personal change is as easy and natural as coming home.  To anyone who feels stuck, uncertain, overwhelmed or out of control, Leslie Rogers is the coach you’ve been yearning for.”

Samira O.

“Leslie’s coaching is the best thing that’s happened to me and my family this year. I was struggling with so many things, for so long, that made me feel drained and lost.  Coaching restored my peace, hope and focus on my own life and parenting skills.  All my children are now decided to do coaching.  They all have improved so much and are enjoy it too! I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for all of us! Thanks Leslie!”

Elisa O.

“I recommend this program to anyone who doesn’t want to see a traditional therapist, anyone who feels stuck in there own ways of thinking, anyone who is trying to change but just can’t seem to make that change.

When I started coaching with Leslie I had already done years of bi-monthly and weekly sessions with professional counselors. I knew a lot about what I should’ve been doing and how I could make it happen, but somehow that still hadn’t helped me make those changes in my life.

After a few months of coaching with Leslie, my counselor became unnecessary and I quit him to just coach with Leslie. What I’ve learned has been invaluable as they’ve been stepping stones towards better understanding myself and the people and world around me.

One of the great things about how coaching works is that it makes a permanent change in you every time you have a session. You are never the same because the sessions are designed to develop your understanding and intuition. I never feel like I have to do homework to learn these things and I never feel pressured to make a change in my life for the sake of my therapist’s work to be worth their time.

Leslie herself, is a wonderful, sweet woman who takes the time on top get to know you and cares for your needs. She’s become a friend and mentor to me.”

Kathi I.

“How do you describe living with depression and despair and having someone come along and say they can show you how to change it all to hope and positivity.  But that is what is happening to me.  Using the skills Leslie is teaching me I am becoming a happy and productive person.  . . . I can choose my destiny IF I want to.  I am beginning to see all the possibilities in my life.   It is amazing.  Sometimes those D words still work their way into my emotions but I am learning to ignore and get rid of them.  Life is good.

Lais O.

“Life is so good right now!! I’m so excited about school, my relationship, my projects I’m working on, and just the promises of the future!
I just want to say thank you to Leslie Erin Rogers, and her life coaching sessions that have changed my view of myself entirely over the last few months! If anyone of my friends out there have been needing a life changing experience, talk to this fantastic and wise woman who has been the most helpful catalyst for change in this time of my life. Love you Leslie