Results from the following two studies and others, show us that our thoughts really do have an effect on what we manifest and create in our lives.  So the real question is, if you could achieve core alignment, what would you want to create in your life? This is truly food for thought.

At the Mind Science Foundation in San Antonio, Dr. William Braud found that his test subjects could slow down the death rate of red blood cells with the sheer power of their thoughts. The implications were staggering, proving that it’s possible to use your mind to influence your body and the things around you.

Dr. Masaru Emoto, now deceased, became a Doctor of Alternative Medicine through The Open International University for Alternative Medicine, and was President Emeritus of the International Water For Life Foundation. In his study Dr. Emoto played music and projected different types of thoughts onto glasses of water, froze them, and examined the resulting water crystals under a microscope. The water crystals infused with higher vibrational thoughts such as “love” or “joy” formed beautiful patterns, while those with negative thoughts like “hate” or “anger” were rough, opaque and in a state of chaos.

“Solving the problem of consciousness will need the labors of many scientists, of many kinds, though it is always possible that there will be a few crucial insights and observations. … A few years ago one could not use the word ‘consciousness’ in a paper, for, say, Nature or Science, nor in a grant application. But thankfully, times are changing, and the subject is now ripe for intensive exploration.” – Nobel-award winning researcher Dr. Francis Crick, who devoted the last 15 years of his life to the study of consciousness, wrote in his foreword to Christof Koch’s The Quest for Consciousness: A Neurobiological Approach.

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