This week I was blogging about New Family Realities and what it means to some of the teens in our forum. I discussed becoming more aware of what your parents are going through in order to understand why they may react to certain things the way they do.

So what is it like for a mom, maybe even your own, to have to let go of what she thought her life would be? Read the following article from a mom’s viewpoint:

mom and daughter having a serious talkI Learned What ‘Happily Ever After’ Really Meant After Divorce

The Huffington Post by Brittany Wong

Divorce is devastating at any age. In my case, I was 56. The relationship had existed for half of my life. If I had read every book on the subject prior to pulling the plug on my marriage 10 months ago, I still would not have believed or been ready for the depth of pain I experienced.

But slowly I realized divorce meant there was room for new happiness. I quickly purged the stuff that slowed me down, starting with anything that reminded me of him, from his clothes, to his favorite cooking utensils. I moved out and decorated my place the way I wanted to. I redecorated myself in a way as well, replacing my old uniform of stretchy pants and tees with business clothes and ridiculously high, sexy heels — and some good hiking boots. And I went back to doing things I’d loved, but had put on the back-burner while focusing on the needs of my family, like horseback riding, dancing and enjoying live music in hole-in-the-wall jazz clubs….Read More

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