Things between you and your mom are not the same as when you were a little kid, but you can still have a connection once in a while. Maybe online media can bridge the gap. Let’s say you’re having a challenging day, and to distract yourself you’re checking out Instagram, or Pinterest or something, and see an unbelievable photo, or an inspirational quote that gives you hat shot of hopefulness you needed. If you’re having one of those days, it’s a pretty good bet your mom is, too. Just saying, it’s kind of contagious. Why not share what you’ve discovered with your mom? You might even feel like printing it and sticking it up on the fridge, so you know she’ll see it a lot. Maybe that hopefulness it gave you could be contagious, too.


And have you done any interesting YouTubing lately? If you know a YouTuber that amuses you, maybe it will amuse your mom. Show her one you like and get her to laugh, or at least crack a smile. Here’s one that shows how the power of having fun affects you – in an unexpected way:



Life isn’t always going to make you feel like smiling, but sometimes you can find stuff online that get you to Laugh Anyway…Love Anyway…Live Anyway

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