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computerThis week I was blogging about the ways in which teens can engage with their moms using positive things they find on the internet via Instagram, YouTube and so on. If you feel that the time you spend on social media might be holding you back from your real life sometimes, then you might find the following article helpful. Here is an excerpt from “Quitting Social Media” by Jorge Cruz in YCTeenMag.org:

“But one day I started to delete my online gaming accounts and uninstall the online games too. As time passed, I also stopped checking and chatting on forums. It was a gradual process. I checked e-mail accounts twice a week, the next month just once a week, and eventually, almost never.

After I deleted all my accounts I began to approach my life in a different way.

Since childhood I had been interested in creative things, like painting, photography, origami, and playing musical instruments. I also started doing more sports, like basketball and skateboarding. I discovered that the nicest parts of my life were those that didn’t include any electronic devices.

I wanted to try living my life without too much materialism. I started meditating, and trying to achieve things that were productive and meaningful to me. Later that year, I discovered that I had a strong connection to music and started learning to play the guitar.” Read the entire article…

Credit: YCteen publishes true stories by teens, giving readers insight into the issues that matter most in young people’s lives.

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