A Passion for Life

You’ve seen it before in the movies, when the food critic opens his mouth to taste the food and you watch his eyes start to roll up in the back of his head and his face just melts as he savors the bite of food he thought he was there to scorn. It’s in the eyes of the cook, evolved chef that says, “Que magnifique!” “What exquisiteness!” “What perfection!” “This is it.” And then you wonder what it is that they have?  Is it the right recipe?  The right herbs and spices? The right job? The right gift? What?

You can hear it in a singers voice as well, as they draw you into the song they are singing so that you actually feel every note that is played, as if you wrote it yourself. And where the words are the actual beats of your heart, which tell the story of your life?  What is it they have?

And what is it that causes you to feel like you are actually walking in the shoes of an actor or actress,  where you actually feel as if you are the character they are portraying?

There are thousands of food critics, chefs, singers, actors and actresses.  What is it that makes certain ones stand out above the rest? I believe it is just one thing.  Passion!  A passion for whatever they are doing. Passion is the difference between mediocre and extraordinaire. It draws you in to a place where anything is possible. Today, more than ever, teens, youth and young adults need to see that there is passion still alive in our society.  More importantly, they long to see it and want to see that there is something to be passionate about.

Passion swells in the eyes and moves one to greatness like a symphony being played to perfection. In whatever profession or creation, passion is the magic ingredient.  One can be well educated, rehearsed and even well-bred, but without passion, he is just a robot in motion.  Add passion and you have a masterpiece, a work of art, a life.

Passion therefore is a life giving energy or force that has the power to drive the soul to amazing heights not likely without it. If one had not just a passion for their specific profession or creation, but for life itself, what would be possible then?  The universe itself is matter and energy unorganized.  Imagine if we had passion for life and everything we did in partnership with the universe and God? Could there be any limit to what is possible? I think not.

So then again, the magic ingredient to the recipe of our lives undoubtedly, must be, passion. The magic component of our daily schedule, should be, passion. And the magic tool then, needs be, passion. Last, but certainly not least, the magic sparkle we want radiating from our eyes is, passion.

What would be different if you added passion to your life?



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