Monday Morning Blues

Do you ever get that knot in your stomach Sunday evenings when you go over your calendar for Monday morning and the coming week? Do you get that sinking feeling of doom and despair thinking about having to start another week over again with a schedule that just won’t quit? Well don’t fret. You’re not alone. Millions of moms and teenage girls go through the same Monday morning blues as they begin their week and wonder, “What’s it all for, anyway?”

The key is to schedule in some play and relaxation. That’s right, “schedule it in.”  First of all, schedule something relaxing, calming and that is de-stressing every single day. Whether it be communing with God through the holy scriptures, meditation, or just reading a book for 30 minutes, mark it on your calendar. You can do that in the morning, on your lunch break or in the evening before bed. It will be rejuvenating to your spirit.

Second, schedule in some play time at least weekly if not more. Plan a date with a friend, maybe even a mother/daughter date to go out to eat and/or to a movie. Watch a movie at home, give each other a spa treatment consisting of a facial, a foot soak and then do each other’s nails. Whatever your choice, together or alone, it will refresh you and psychologically give you a feeling like you’ve had a mini vacation which will boost feel good hormones to energize your mood, recharge your determination and strengthen your immune system.

Mondays can then be turned into something to actually look forward to. . . And then wouldn’t that be a treat in itself.  Try it and then send me some of your ideas.  I would love to hear them and share them.

Happy Monday everyone!


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