Teens Being Bullied – How to Handle It

Waking up to the alarm you roll over and look at the clock which says it’s 6:30AM. Being tempted to just turn over and go back to sleep because it would be easier than going to school and facing the bullying you endure each and every day, you get up and get dressed with a knot in your gut the size of Texas. The demeaning comments, the looks of disgust, the laughing and the destruction of your personal belongings, including the threats of being beaten if up you tell anyone what’s going on, all have taken their toll. You wonder if it is all really worth it… And if it is, why doesn’t someone see what is happening and help you?

Sadly, bullying is nothing new in society. It is an age old vice that has always been prevalent especially among teens and it has caused many heartbreaking results in families throughout the years.

 No matter what the reason behind it, there are those that feed their own egos by abuse of power, intimidation, harassment, threats and even physical assault. You may feel alone and powerless to stop it. Whether you are being bullied by another peer, an abusive parent or relative, or a boyfriend – the list goes on, you need to know that you are not alone and you indeed have the power to STOP the bullying.

If you are a victim of bullying, please take note of the following steps to turn your situation around:

1. It is not your fault. Bullying is not okay nor is it acceptable and you DO NOT have to endure it!

2. Keep notes. Keep a journal or diary of the events that happen against you. (Exact dates, times and places).

3. Do your research. There are lots of resources available for advice and support.

4. Tell an adult that you trust. Talk to your parents if it is a peer or boyfriend. Talk to a school counselor or church leader if it is a parent or relative.

5. Be persistent. It is your right to be safe and feel secure in your teen environments. If one person doesn’t listen or tells you to ignore the bullying, find another person who will take action and help you.

6. Never give up. Yes, “it is all worth it!” And you are worth it too!

If by chance you have tried to seek help already by telling someone about the bullying and their response was that, “you need to toughen up,” or that, “you’re too sensitive and you need to get some backbone,” let me assure you that being bullied is NOT your fault, nor is it because you are weak or not strong enough. It is because someone else with the intention to hurt another has chosen to be insensitive and weak themselves by forcing their pumped up pride upon you, thinking they are making themselves look bigger by belittling you. There are many other reasons teens may feel the need to bully, but there is no excuse.

High school is hard enough for various reasons without having to endure being bullied. Your focus should be on learning and having positive experiences that will prepare you for a bright future. These should also be the fun years of your education and can be all that you want them to be.

 Reach out and seek the help you need. You are not alone!

 Source:  bullyonline.org/schoolbully/myths

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