“The Power of Music”

From a very early age I have felt the power of music in my life.  I love music.  I have felt it touch the very core of my being and cause the inner churning of my soul to swell within me so much that words cannot express it.  Music permeates my body, fills my senses and literally frees my spirit to soar.  I could not imagine life without it.

I am amazed at the countless genres of music available today.  Its diverse positive effects help with creativity, relaxation, meditation, learning, promoting sleep to pain relief, just to name a few.  It can soothe, uplift, renew, rejuvenate, motivate and alleviate.  Truly there is a power in music and though a lifetime of studies have been done to observe its benefits on the human race, yet it remains immeasurable because it affects people so differently.

Before we are even born we are introduced to music inside the womb.  There the fetus is surrounded by the natural movement and noise of “heartbeat, pulse and breath” that has its own frequency and rhythm.  It is there we begin our relationship with music in the flesh.
Music can have a positive or a negative effect on us.  Studies have shown that music can alter brain wave patterns thus altering heart rate, blood pressure, etc. and thereby induce feelings of well-being or the opposite.  Some of the positive benefits of music include:
Stress and/or Anxiety:
·       “Mellow tunes with a slow, steady rhythm helps slow down your breathing and heart rate so you feel calmer, such as New Age, Enya or Gregorian chant.”
·       The Classics work best.  Studies show listening to classical music causes breathing to synchronize with the pace of the music.
·       There are several genres that can help to alleviate depression, one of the best being Christian music, which lifts and rejuvenates the spirit and soul.  Other good options are Soul music or Love songs and even Jazz because they stimulate the mind causing excitement in your heart and brain.  The key is to not get bored and listen to a variety.  If it causes you to feel down, find something different.  Change it up often.
·        In my research, I have found that many genres of music help with pain depending on personal taste.  Most people prefer soft, soothing music with a slow and steady beat.  Depending on the type of pain and physical ailment however, someone might prefer a happier, upbeat rhythm.   Piano, Cello or Violin solos can be soothing.  Believe it or not, some even benefit from Opera.
·       Many genres of music can help to alleviate anger.  The main thing is not to listen to heavy metal or rap music that has a loud, rapid beat which makes the blood pressure, heart beat and pulse rise.  That along with negative lyrics that go against your core beliefs will add to anger.  Whatever genre music you choose to listen to, make sure it is positive and uplifting.
Sleep Apnea/ADD:
·       Jazz music is a good choice when you are having trouble getting to sleep if you can’t shut your mind down.  The soothing rhythmic beats keep the mind focus so that it can quiet the mind of clutter.
·       Some types of Music shown to put your mind in study mode are; Baroque classical, said to have mind-boosting effects and Ambiant music or sound, shown to increase concentration level, is designed to keep your brain engaged at a lower, subconscious level.  Examples of this may be waterfalls, rain and seashore.  These are but a few.
The greatest power in music that I see is the power to choose the music that communicates with the vibration of your own soul.  Be true to that and you will feel the power of music in your life.

Resource:   http://www.npr.org/2011/06/01/136859090/the-power-of-music-to-affect-the-brain.



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