“I Have Permission to be Me!”

In a self-indulging world that shouts, “You deserve anything and everything you want so just take it no matter who it hurts in the process,” the words, “I have permission” may seem a little weak.  Believe it or not however, they are just the opposite; they are empowering, and understanding the concept that “I have permission to be me” is quite liberating as well.

I have been so blessed lately to be the recipient of added knowledge and resources that are helping me to change my whole core belief system, which up until now, hasn’t supported these words.  I have come to understand that a lot of my beliefs and thought processes are dysfunctional and do not serve me in becoming what I want to be or doing what I want to accomplish.

In my journey of change, I am learning that it is possible to clear those negative and dysfunctional beliefs that I have learned throughout my life and it gives me hope of a happy future free of the extra baggage and fear that I’ve been carrying around for years.

One of the key things I have learned is from Carol Tuttle, author of, “Remembering Wholeness” and “It’s Just My Nature,”  just to name a couple of her books.  She explains in one of her mini healing sessions, “Misunderstanding The Cause of Your Anger,” that “People reflect back to us what we think or believe about ourselves.  So if you still have a core belief that it’s not okay to be you, that message will be reflected back to you through other people.”

Can I just say, ah ha moment here?  That really hit home for me and answered so many questions I have had for years.   How can I expect to have healthy relationships if I am not comfortable in my own skin and give myself permission to be who I am?  This is a major breakthrough that I hope teens will be able to relate to as well and find hope in knowing it can change.

Carol’s instruction on how to clear these negative thoughts and belief energies is to focus on the affirmation, “I have permission to be me.”  She goes on to say, “Every person born on this planet has this birthright.  Accept it for your own benefit and the benefit of everyone around you.”  How exciting that is for me to know and feel that it is okay to be me.  I have permission!  And so do you.


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