“Raising Your Teen Vibrations”

I remember walking the halls of my high school wondering why certain negative things were happening in my life and why other things I wanted to happen didn’t.   Knowing what I know now, I understand that it had to do with the vibrations I produced, which is apparent to me now were running very low.  If you think of a battery that is almost dead, you pretty much know the vehicle is going to have a hard time starting, if it even will.  That is a low vibration.  On the other hand, if you think of a car charger or even jumper cables that produce an electrical spark to jump start the battery, which in turn starts the vehicle, you have an example of a high vibration.  Starting the vehicle is the desire and in order to produce that end result, something is needed in order to raise the vibration so that can happen.

It is fascinating to me to know that every living thing on this earth has a vibration or an energy that it gives off.  Trees and plant life, animals, even the foods we eat have a vibration.  The more alive the food is, the higher the vibration or energy it has which then in turn gives us, who eats it, more nutrients or positive results.  Well the same is true in humans.  The more positive we are, the higher the vibration or energy we create or produce, which in turn gives us more of what we want or desire in life, thus positive results.

So now you may be asking, “What does vibration have to do with my life as a teen?”  Simply this, you can change your life.  Your vibrations have the ability to not only create change in your own life, but cause a ripple effect of change in your whole school and even in the world.  Your vibrations or the energy with which you receive your desires is based on your thoughts and your thoughts are what create what kind of (negative or positive) vibrations you are producing.  In other words, what you focus on (think about) is what you create and are going to get more of in your life.

If you focus on (think about) negative things that you don’t like or want in your life that is what you will continue to receive and create more of.  For example, thoughts like; “I feel so alone,” or I never have any money to spend,” or I will never have a car of my own,” will produce a very low vibration and therefore will only get you more of what you are already getting, which is lonely, broke, and without transportation.  Very little vibration or energy is needed in order to produce negative results.

However, if you focus on (think about) what you want instead, such as, “I always have such awesome friends” and “I always have money when I need it” and “what would it be like to have my own car?” –you will produce a higher vibration or energy with which to bring about change and you will create what it is that you want to happen or receive.  Higher energy is needed to produce positive results but the higher the vibration or energy, the faster the results also.

The key is to focus on it, picture it and feel it.  Think about what color the car or truck you want is.  What is the make and model?  What does it feel like to drive it?  And what does it smell like?  You are thinking about the results you want which raises your vibrations and will put into motion the end results.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how it will happen or even if your subconscious thinks it’s possible.  All that matters is that you think about, ponder and focus on what you want.

Making the change to be grateful and always think positive is not easy at first, but the longer you do, eventually your mind takes over and starts to produce these positive thoughts on its own and then can you just imagine the possibilities when that occurs?

In Summary:

You get what you focus on (think about) or “What you focus on expands:”

-Negative produces negative (Takes from)

-Positive produces positive (Adds to, charges, creates, energizes, quickens)


If you don’t want more negative in your life, quit thinking about the negative;

-I hate…

-I am sick of…

-I never have…


If you want more positive in your life, have positive thoughts, especially thoughts of gratitude:

-I am blessed!

-I am grateful for….. (name them specifically!)

*Gratitude produces the highest level of vibration

-I want…! (Think in specifics… Know what you want and then picture and feel what it would be like to have it.)

Formula for Raising Your Teen Vibrations:

-Positive thoughts lead to higher vibrations which then lead to faster desired results

or (Desire + Positive Thoughts = High Vibrations/Results)

Remember – (Battery + Jumper Cables = Spark/Started Vehicle)


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